Learning and Support

Allora College is committed to ensuring student success through a number of initiatives. We understand that learning is not restricted to the classroom. Our staff and faculty, sometimes in collaboration with students, organize seminars, guest lectures and field trips. These programs complement theoretical knowledge and provide students with new perspectives and world views. It is our endeavour to invite distinguished guest speakers who have been there done that and made a meaningful contribution to the community. Workshops, debates and group projects are also part of a curriculum grounded in holistic student development. We have the technology and resources to deliver engaging classroom and lab sessions.

Prospective and current students have a single point of contact for all their queries and problems, from the time they start planning to attend our college, to starting classes and throughout the full duration of stay. Our faculty will assist students in creating a roadmap for completing their coursework successfully and exploring job options.

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible learning environment and experience to students. To this end, we welcome your opinions and feedback on our services and facilities.